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Day by Day Boom Boom Britney

Day by Day Boom Boom Britney


3:17 mins


I would like to offer the music of my artwork called "Day by Day Boom Boom Britney". The work is a video work but I want to offer the radio the audio of the work for playback. The work basically is a video collage work of everyday moments that connect to modern digital segments, from different times from different media channels and in the manner of a postmodern connection in the sound channel and the video channel that include weird filters. Become in this combination a kind of transient episode in which there are videos and music of: Blogger who sang karaoke, documenting a day in the life in various places, a performance by Britney Spears and more. The work tries to demonstrate the multiplicity of media and the overflow of content that we experience from everywhere. Which imprison our lives as prisoners who are enslaved to the various video devices. There is also an option in addition to playback if you want, to upload the video itself in whatever way you choose to your website/social networks etc... so that the listeners can hear the audio and if they want afterwards, they can see the visuals behind the music of the work.

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