Nail Soup

readymade installaiton / sculpture:

a bowl of soup, water and nails

• 20 X 20 X 4 cm (for each a bowl of soup)

• 7.8 X 7.8 X 1.6 inch (for each a bowl of soup)


‘Nail Soup’ is the memory of a story that happened inside a weapon and explosives manufacturing factory in the Holocaust labor camp in a town, Pionki, in southeast Poland. This is a story about my grandfather, Moshe Leslau. He worked in the labor camp as a carpenter, and one of his friends, who had access to the food storage, occasionally filching potatoes and other food. My grandfather could get nails and pieces of wood, and his friend could get a few potatoes. So, my grandfather started selling potato soup with the secret ingredient, hidden nails. Whoever bought it, got both a meal of food, together with a useful item for various tasks, for example, fixing shoes. That combination might look peculiar to the outside observer, but in this impossible situation, it was very reasonable.

• The Nail Soup work was first created in 2017 as a single statue, and in 2020 a broader installation work version was created for the work - including several soup bowls aligned with one another.